Moving through Pain

All that it can teach us

Our modern world creates high levels of stress that can cause different reactions in each one of us. We live our experiences through this stress lens, and we might fall into anxiety, fear, anger and so many other emotions that we generate. Today we also have the privilege of having very effective techniques to help us navigate the turbulent waters of our emotions.
In the case of a broken up relationship , when the very difficult decision of separating is a reality, the road ahead may seem very daunting. The same can be said about the loss of a loved one, when you are faced with this reality, the pain that is felt can take on many forms and life after this event will be forever changed.

It is normal to go through many mixed emotions when experiencing events like these, sadness, anger, frustration, and others will probably come and go as you process the new reality that you have been thrown into. The process of overcoming your loss or break up takes some time, and it is important to live through it, and come out on the other side of this pain.

Nonetheless there are some cases where the process feels stuck, the pain does not let go of its grip on you, and the feelings of hopelessness, sadness, anger etc, don't subside, these continue on and you feel like there is no way out of these emotions that have taken a hold of you.

Through EFT (tapping) and other techniques I use, you will be able to find the tools that will help you to come out on the other side of the pain with a renewed sense of hope, being able to look at your life from a different perspective, whether it is everyday life giving you a hard time, or deeper wounds that need to be healed.

I have prepared an audio for you

If you feel your process is blocked in some way, take this first step towards moving forward. This audio contains 5 tips to help you through the process. If you're interested about learning more and going more in depth in a journey inwards, contact me through this website (my email) or my Facebook/Instagram pages.

I have noticed that sometimes there is no specific issue, or anything too complicated, but we feel overwhelmed for something specific that has happened, an emergency in a way. This is a great time have a tapping session that will help bring down the intensity of the emotion and have a different perspective of the experience you are going through.
  • Mayling Larsen
    Mi experiencia fue fantástica, maravillosa, jamás pensé que viviría unos momentos tan genuinos, emotivos, que abrazaría a esa niña interior, que le diría que dejara salir todo esas estructuras que ya no le sirven para continuar este viaje que se llama vida. Poder sentir la música que mi cuerpo se moviera libre sin prejuicios, sin control, que fuese libre para hacer y sentir lo que viniese. Ahora es verdad no fue todo el viaje placentero y agradable hubieron momentos de mucho susto, de ira, enojo, frustración, pero una vez identificadas y abrazadas estas emociones, y rendirme a ellas, fueron momentos de alegría de sentirme liviana, ligera y de saber quien soy y que deseo realmente. De volver al camino del cual no debí desviarme nunca, ese camino del Ser. Eso debo agradecerle a este viaje, de activación de mi chacka Base. Si lo recomiendo, si 100 por ciento, claro no todos estamos en la misma vibración pero si llegas hasta aquí es porque debes hacerlo, aun cuando tengas miedo, porque existe un antes y un después en este viaje nunca serás las misma que lo comenzastes y eso es maravilloso. (Translated by Google) My experience was fantastic, wonderful, I never thought that I would live such genuine, emotional moments, that I would embrace that inner child, that I would tell her to let out all those structures that no longer serve her to continue this journey that is called life. To be able to feel the music that my body moved freely without prejudice, without control, that it was free to do and feel what came. Now it is true that the whole trip was not pleasant and enjoyable, there were moments of great fright, anger, anger, frustration, but once these emotions were identified and embraced, and surrendered to them, they were moments of joy of feeling light, light and knowing who I am and what I really want. To return to the path from which I should never have deviated, that path of the Being. I must thank this trip for this, the activation of my Base chacka. Yes I recommend it, yes 100 percent, of course we are not all in the same vibration but if you get here it is because you must, even when you are afraid, because there is a before and after in this trip you will never be the same as you started it and that is wonderful.
    Mayling Larsen
  • Carrie
    Hi my name is Carrie and I would like to write about my experience with my therapist Carmen Seidlitz,
    I was really down on my life. It's been going on for a long time. It got to the point that I was going into a dark tunnel and there was no light at the end. My designer that knows me for a long time noticed that I just wasn’t myself, and she told me that she has been seeing her therapist Carmen, Now I really did not think that anybody would be able to help me, I have been thru a lot sense I was a little girl and I am now 63 years old.The first time I spoke to my therapist Carmen, I notice a little change in me for the better. Its been 2 month now and I feel so much stronger about myself. My co- workers has  totally seen a different in me, and thats great for everybody at my work lol….
    I look forward to zooming in with her as much as I can. She is my Angel that came down to save me. When I said that I was in a dark tunnel, I was not wanting to live anymore.If I knew my therapist when I was 20 years old, I would had made a better choice in my life. My insecurity, not loving myself, thinking I wasn’t pretty enough or thinking that I was a bad mother, I feel like now I can love myself and be strong for my family, friends, and most of all to myself.
     Just a quick note, if I ever go thru a dark tunnel in my life again, there will be light at the end of the tunnel, I will never give up again, and I know that I will always have Carmen to be there for me.
    Thank you for reading this.
  • Jerome Ottenwaelter
    I can't recommend Carmen's services enough. A combination of real empathy yet gently challenging you at time, deep listening as well as meaningful feedback, a psychological experience one can feel, and the specificity of EFT (tapping) as a tool to wrap it up... Well, the cocktail worked incredibly well for me, and with my commitment to be open and work with Carmen, I saw her zoom in on issues, grasp incredibly fast what was going on, and provide real relief and more balance. Fully available when need be, but not pushing for more and more sessions, incredibly present and dedicated during the sessions, I couldn't have asked for more than what Carmen brought to the table. And what I consider the best: it's not an endless loop of years of therapy as a crutch/never-ending cycle, rather a targeted limited number of sessions to address what's most preventing one to be emotionally (more) balanced. Try it... And spread the word.
    Jerome Ottenwaelter
  • Sabine Provo
    Carmen is just the most amazing person I ever worked with! She has so much knowledge and wisdom, and she is an excellent EFT practitioner. I worked on my own life issues for the past two years with the help of a psychologist, many self-help books and various videos that helped me understand myself better and grow. But what I recently learned about myself and the tremendous progress I made within only five sessions; I own it fully to Carmen! She was able to open some doors I was keeping shut for over thirty years, and she released so many negative emotions such as rejection, shame, fears, loneliness that I had from the past and that were keeping me from living a fully happy life. I look at my life with different eyes now, all the bad emotions are gone, and she opened a door to new possibilities and full happiness. I have been recommending her to many people who already started some sessions with her, and they are all amazed by the help she’s been providing into their life. I can’t recommend her enough, she’s a true gift into my life!
    Sabine Provo
  • Caroline Wacquier Anderegg
    Carmen was a godsend in to my life at a profoundly reflective and sad time - she was patient, kind and genuinely caring. I especially liked our one on one time at Elfin Forest which helped clear path for a most amazing divine gift to enter and be embraced. I will be forever grateful to her for helping me heal lifelong down to bone deep grief.
    Caroline Wacquier Anderegg
  • Kevin Ngo
    Carmen has been an integral part of my healing journey. She's been a personal guide for me through both her specialties of EFT (tapping) and Chakradance. Through EFT, she has been helping me work through some deep personal traumas as well as some very real anxieties about the future. With her guidance, I have come a tremendously long ways and am so glad I took the chance to get an initial consultation with her in order to kickstart my path of healing. She is not only kind, but also wise and intuitive, which makes her a great EFT practitioner. I cannot recommend her more. Chakradance with Carmen has also been an amazing experience. There is something very special about moving the body freely but with intention alongside Chakradance music. I had never heard of it before, but Carmen was thoughtful in educating and facilitating it for my small group. What stood out to me the most was that she made the environment feel safe enough to really go inside and surrender to the experience without feeling self-conscious. I left the Chakradance session feeling light and balanced, and I would definitely do it again!
    Kevin Ngo
  • G.
    Caí en una depresión después de la partida de mis padres, me sentí en un hueco negro sin vida muy frío y sentía que no tenia sentido mi vida. Carmen me ayudo a sacar los sentimientos de tristeza a enfrentar con mucho amor mi realidad, me ayudo a ver que mis vivencias del pasado no me permitían aceptar mi realidad. Me enseño amarme y aceptarme como soy y todo este proceso fue realizado con mucho cariño y tan suave que  lentamente volví a reír y sentirme parte del mundo, sin casi darme cuenta. Estoy muy agradecida con Carmen por su gran profesionalismo
  • Llegue en un proceso de duelo queriendo sentirme en paz, pero estaba desarmada para llegar a mi emoción de paz pero una vez que ya quise volver a sentirme feliz, me di cuenta que habia un dolor que no me dejaba avanzar y no lograba conectarme con las rutinas de mi propia vida, y sentía que no lograba avanzar en los aspectos como el trabajo, sintiendo aún un vacio, justo apareció la posibilidad de trabajar contigo y fue una luz para el camino en el que estaba. Todo el proceso de cambio desde lo negativo a cambiar el foco a lo positivo, destruyendo los miedos y entregándome la capacidad de hacer consciente lo que era necesario y lleno mis espacios con energía nueva, llena de amor. Pude un día de noche sentir que se acomodaron los pensamientos y los sentimientos permitiéndome sentirme en paz, libre y con ganas de salir a vivir hoy esta vida¡¡¡ Todo el proceso de hacer Tapping fue maravilloso, me abrió mi mente hacia el horizonte positivo con ganas de querer salir de ese rincon oscuro en el que estaba, hoy quiero abrirme a recibir por donde sea que venga, fue un proceso sanador y de luz¡¡ GRACIAS por bendecir mi camino.
  • Leslie

    I went to Carmen for EFT tapping twice.  My mother had just passed  and I had a lot of pent up anger at some other members of the family.  As executor of the will, I had to look forward to many dealings with these same people in my large family and at a difficult time.   I didn't notice how much anger I was holding onto until talking to Carmen one afternoon she suggested I try tapping.  So right there and then in an outdoor cafe I started tapping.   Carmen's insightful promptings, an ability I attribute to her psychological training and background, my feelings seemed to come to the surface of my awareness.  Through this simple technique somehow I was able to move pent up emotion through and out.  Afterward I felt much calmer, and clearer in my thoughts .This change of feeling persisted and after two sessions and didn't reappear.  Consequently letting go and releasing destructive and negative emotions helped me to do my job as executor. Definitely it made dealing with my sibs without pent-up anger better for everyone.

     I also witnessed Carmen with my sister who was in a profoundly negative emotional state at the time.  Carmen showed incredible insight into her situation and very soul it seemed to me, as we were very close and Carmen was meeting her for the first time.  In a matter of a half hour or thereabouts Carmen helped her clarify her confused feelings.  It seemed then she was able to move through the pain and as a result she was in a much clearer and calmer place moving forward.

    The tapping technique, EFT, works so fast and is based on so simple a principle that it doesn't seem like it would work.  But it does and working with Carmen, who is so kind and insightful and supportive makes it all the more a grand experience.

  • Catalina
    Todo empieza cuando empecé con una fuerte crisis de pánico, por culpa de una situación de terrible traición y mentiras, tengo una tienda en la cual trabajaba una persona a la cual yo le entregué en bandeja mi confianza y cariño, pero obvio no lo supo aprovechar y me estuvo robando y mintiendo por dos años, cuando me di cuenta de lo atroz que estaba siendo esta persona en mi vida, vino este tremendo cambio de ánimo, rabia, desilusión, y traición...en ese momento me sentía desesperada no sabía qué hacer, no me atrevía a salir sola  a la calle andaba con mucho miedo y ahí se cruzó en mi camino esta tremenda persona Carmen S, la cual con su terapia a distancia me logró tranquilizar, lo más asombroso de todo esto. es que fue altiro el cambio, salí de la sesión totalmente tranquila y normal, solo hicimos dos sesiones y yo ya estaba en condiciones de hacer mi vida normal, estoy sumamente agradecida al universo de no haber tomado nada químico y que esta terapia fue muy rápida EFT, totalmente recomendable y el mundo entero debería ayudarse con este tipo de terapias. Gracias miles  
  • Marcelo

    Tuve la suerte de realizar una Terapia en Chile con Carmen Seidlitz, lo que me ayudo mucho a sanar mi duelo, me siento muy feliz porque ella supo interpretar mi interior  y sacar este dolor tan profundo,ella demostró grandes aptitudes por lo que me permito recomendarla entusiastamente.

  • Shahram

    My personal experience with EFT has been extremely unexpected and wonderful.  I really could not believe the range of peace and calm I reached after practising these techniques .  They seem very basic and easy to do but the effect is simply WAOOOO!  Thank you Carmen for sharing such a wonderful tool in my life.  Now everything is greener :)

  • Amber

    When I went to see Carmen/Cuqui for an EFT session and didn't really know what to expect. :) When I arrived she made me very comfortable and we began talking, Carmen listens with an open heart and an open mind, great healing is channeled through her and I felt very comfortable in her presence.  I was able to release and heal on a very deep level, it was just what I needed! I definitely recommend her to anyone looking for ways to heal or release anything that no longer serves them.


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