Welcome to my portal!

My name is Carmen Seidlitz, I am a Psychologist graduated from the “Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador” (Quito) in 1990.

Throughout my life I have had the urge to find alternative ways of healing, the traditional methods although effective in many ways, did not fully represent the idea I had of healing.

My first big discovery were the Bach Flower Remedies, this subtle way of healing and of going into our minds and more importantly our souls, was my first realization of how we are a unit MIND-BODY-SOUL, and how by looking into the intricacies within we can find new ways, we can find our purpose, we can change, we can become better.

From then on, all I have done along my path, has been tinted with this desire to see with the eyes of the Soul. I have worked with the energy of Light, a wonderful experience that brought great joy and insight to me.

The activation of the Pineal Gland, wonderful workshop in which I participated and afterwards promoted in the area I lived at the time, in Pucón, Chile. We held various seminars and lived wonderful experiences in each one. Seminars are being held throughout North and South America today, you can visit the following link for more details Fresia Castro

This was another big cornerstone in my path, one that took me to a whole new dimension of understanding and that accompanies me to this day.

Yoga, is another wonderful tool that I have reached out to, another incredible way of experiencing the unity of BODY-MIND-SOUL. I am a Shashi Yoga Instructor, you can find out more about Shashi Yoga here: Yoga and Meditation Center

Last but in no way least, my EFT certification (Emotional Freedom Technique). This is by far the most incredible tool I have found. The simplicity of it only confirms to me that less is always more. Things do not have to be difficult, the simplest things in life are the ones that bring us true joy. The future is here, we are there.... today we have techniques that help us resolve issues in a much more efficient way. Even though it sounds quite unbelievable, I have experienced how, in one EFT session, emotions that are totally imbalanced due to the loss of a loved one, or loss of a job, can be balanced and the person can look upon the situation with greater wisdom, calmness and revert to a normal feeling of sadness or hopefulness.

EFT can be used on a wide variety of issues from emotional, spiritual and sometimes even physical.

These are the cornerstones of my journey, but there are many more steps I have taken before reaching the point I am at right now, and all of this experience is at work in my daily life and at your service.